Sujata Kosalge

Distinguished Engineer , Google

Sujata Kosalge is a Distinguished Engineer on the advertiser platform team at Google. Joining Google as an engineer in 2007, she has been an integral

part of the growth of Google Ads API. Prior to joining Google, Sujata was an engineer at eBay and worked in their infrastructure group. She has earned her Masters in Computer Science degree from Stanford University.  In her free time, she loves to travel with her family and spend time reading and hiking

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Engineering Leaders – Is it that easy to be?

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Its often a myth that  longetivity in a company is the main key to climb up the ladder. Is that the truth or a myth? Or Does it take  more than that. You will see how Innvoation and thinking out of box  plays an important role in becoming one.


Career: Get Hired, Get Mentored and Get sponsored

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While there are many amazing women in tech, we know for a fact that many in our network don’t get hired in at the right level, many flounder during negotiation and most often once they get in, they are keen on keeping their heads down and proving themselves Vs seeking mentors and sponsors as one of their top priorities […]