Snehal Patil

Software Engineer, Yahoo, Co-Founder of WWCode Silicon Valley Chapter

Snehal Patil has been writing software programs for the past 17 years.  She holds a masters in Computer Science and works as a Mobile Developer in Yahoo!  where she develops mobile SDKs. She has also worked on the OpenTable app.

Snehal also co-founded the Silicon Valley chapter of Women Who Code (WWCode) where she is a Director.  WWCode is a global nonprofit dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers. Today WWCode Silicon Valley has more than 4200 women in its developer network.

Snehal’s personal passion is to help spread peace in the community.  She is an Art of Living Teacher.

My Sessions

Overcome imposter syndrome and win the game

Ballroom 1

Overcome imposter syndrome and win the game As women, do we play to win or are we hard-wired to try not to lose? Clearly, the two are not the same. Trying not to lose is reactionary. It’s prevention. The mindset is about playing it safe over playing your best. This alone prevents us from winning. […]