Savita Raina

Director of Product Marketing, Oracle

Savita Raina is the Director of Product Marketing, Oracle AI. She is responsible for go-to market initiatives for Oracle AI portfolio. She holds +11 years of work experience in high tech enterprise software and semiconductor industries. She has a diverse set of experiences that span from engineering design & development to product marketing & strategy. Prior to Oracle, she has worked at SAP, Sybase, Proofpoint, MKS Instruments and Oerlikon. She holds a MBA from Santa Clara University and master’s in Electrical Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology. Currently, she is pursuing Artificial Intelligence related coursework at MIT Sloan. Outside of work she is very passionate about conservation, education and social services. She has also served as a board member at YMCA Urban Services a bay area social services non-profit.

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Engineering Leaders – Is it that easy to be?

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Its often a myth that  longetivity in a company is the main key to climb up the ladder. Is that the truth or a myth? Or Does it take  more than that. You will see how Innvoation and thinking out of box  plays an important role in becoming one.