Sanghamitra Deb

Staff Data Scientist , Chegg

Sanghamitra Deb is a Data Scientist at Chegg, where she works on problems related school and college education to sustain and improve the learning process. Her work involves recommendation systems, graph modeling, deep NLP analysis , data pipelines and machine learning. Previously, Sanghamitra was a data scientist at a Accenture where she worked on a wide variety of problems related data modeling, architecture and visual story telling. Sanghamitra is active in Data Science outreach and believes in applying analytics to a range of domains such as pharma, HR, customer support, market research, etc. Prior to being data scientist she was an astrophysicist who studied the structure of the universe by modeling galaxy clusters.

My Sessions

Machine Learning & NLP (Natural Language Processing) for non-experts

Ballroom 3

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the process of extracting information from textual data in a form that makes it computationally simple to power intelligence in different forms — for example:  websites, apps, devices, decision making, etc. NLP leverages the structure and coherence in language to create representations that are useful in modeling and prediction tasks. […]