Parul Goel

Product Leader, PayPal

Parul is a Product Leader at PayPal. As a part of the Complete Payments Solution team, Parul enables easy payments for large marketplaces and platforms, and helps them find new ways to monetize. Outside of her role,  Parul is one of the leaders of Product Excellence Programs at PayPal, and an active member of the Women in Product community.  Parul is passionate about effective communication at work.   She believes that learning to voice your ideas and opinions effectively is a powerful tool to elevate yourself and your career.  She loves to give back by mentoring women and helping them.

Parul holds an M.S in Computer Science from Columbia University.


My Sessions

Elevate your Career with Strategic Networking!

Main Hall

Strategic networking is a skill worth learning.  It can elevate your career and open up new opportunities through mentors, sponsors & allies. But building strong networks takes time and effort, both of which are limited resources.  In this panel, leaders with diverse backgrounds will share their stories around how they have overcome such constraints, and […]