Nebabie Kebebew

Product Manager Leader, Chair of Siemens Women Impact Network

Nebabie is a seasoned Product Manager with diverse experience in Engineering Design Automation software products across semiconductor design analysis and verification domain.  In her current role as Senior Product Manager at Mentor Graphics A Siemens Business, she is responsible for defining product strategy and licensing, driving product growth and developing go-to-market plans, for a design and analysis environment enterprise software solutions. Nebabie started her career as an IC designer for avionics radar systems. Her desire to work with a variety of design applications transitioned her into an Application Engineering role.  Nebabie’s passion to deliver products and solutions to solve the end- customer’s business and design technology challenges led her to a product management role. She received her BSEE from California Polytechnic University and an MSEE from the University of Southern California. Nebabie is a dedicated advocate for diversity at the workplace. She is very excited and honored to be serving as the Co-chair for the Siemens Women Impact Network, a role that has allowed her to contribute towards providing an engaging and rewarding workplace for women. Nebabie complements her professional work with a daily regimen of physical activity that includes running, tennis and yoga.

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Abstract: Do you find yourself in Product Management or does it find you? Panelists share their experience and insight in making the transition at 0,10,20 years into their career. Comparisions will be made between technical breadth versus depth and small business versus corporate work environments. Firstly, key differences from the field/sector and roles will be […]