Kellie DiNaro

Corporate Marketing Director, Cadence

Kellie DiNaro joined Cadence in 2015 as a Corporate Marketing Director for the Digital and Signoff Group. As one of the fastest growing groups she is responsible for developing and driving integrated marketing campaigns, messaging strategies and the group’s overall outbound presence. During her tenure the group has become a recognized leader in advanced node capabilities. Recently she has taken on the task of leading the communications team for Cadence’s Machine Learning task force. Kellie’s passion is creating clear and concise messages from complex, technical information and using the growing data analytics capabilities to prove the worth of marketing.  Her expertise comes from leading many website redesigns, numerous product launches, embracing social media initiatives, improving the ROI of trade shows and most importantly developing strong relationships with fellow employees, partners and press. Kellie has over 20 years experience in diverse technologies including consumer products, storage, networking, semiconductor, encryption, and compression for big data. Prior to Cadence she held marketing and PR positions for companies such as NXP, Marvell, Nortel Networks, Bay Networks, Hifn and Walt and Company. She received her B.A. in Public Relations from California State University – Chico.

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