Irina Gorbach

Engineering Director, Microsoft

Irina Gorbach is a Principle Group Engineering Manager (Director of Engineering) at Microsoft Power Platform, building highly scalable, reliable and performant services. During her career she has shipped number of products and services such as first versions of Microsoft Analysis Services, built scalable and distributed OLAP Engine for Bing Advertising, Power BI, Power Q&A (natural language interface on top of data),  etc.

Irina has been managing teams of various sizes since 2007 and passionate about growing new generation of leaders. She has served as a co-chair of Women in Business Applications Leadership Board. Irina is author of Microsoft Analysis Services Unleashed books series and co-author of multiple patents.

My Sessions

Engineering Leaders – Is it that easy to be?

Main Hall

Its often a myth that  longetivity in a company is the main key to climb up the ladder. Is that the truth or a myth? Or Does it take  more than that. You will see how Innvoation and thinking out of box  plays an important role in becoming one.


Building a Kick-Ass Team!

Ballroom 2

Abstract:  Everyone wants to work in a great team, every software development manager’s dream is to manage an awesome team. But do we understand ingredients of success? Do we know how to get from a wish to reality? In this discussion we will analyze patterns and behaviors of the kick-ass team and what differentiate it […]