Darlene Wong

Senior Software Engineer

Yiyu Yang and Darlene Wong are Senior Software Engineers working on Automation Frameworks at Palo Alto Networks.  Two years ago, they formed a Python Book Club within the department in order to share their knowledge and love of Python with the team, build on continuous learning, and form relationships with other team members.  Prior to joining Palo Alto Networks, they worked on tools and automation at other networking and security companies, including Cisco Systems, Brocade, and Juniper Networks.

My Sessions

Networks of the Future Track – Automation Demystified

Ballroom 2

Abstract: You may have heard of Automation, but are not sure what it is, whether your organization needs it, and how you should implement it to meet your needs.  In this talk, we will start by explaining how automation fits into the Software Development Lifecycle and what are the benefits of implementing it.  We will […]