Casti Cimpian

VP, Lead architect for Erica

Casti Cimpian is the VP, Lead architect for Erica, which is Bank of America’s financial assistant that won BAI People’s Choice Award for Innovation in Customer Experience. She has been practicing meditation and breathing practices for 16 years and teaching meditation and stress-relief techniques for more than 11 years. Passionate about furthering peace and well-being in her community, Casti has focused her volunteer efforts on the rehabilitation of inmates at the SF County Jail and women who suffered from domestic violence. She enjoys horse riding and dancing.

My Sessions

Overcome imposter syndrome and win the game

Ballroom 1

Overcome imposter syndrome and win the game As women, do we play to win or are we hard-wired to try not to lose? Clearly, the two are not the same. Trying not to lose is reactionary. It’s prevention. The mindset is about playing it safe over playing your best. This alone prevents us from winning. […]