Anitha Kannan

Founding Member, Curai

Anitha Kannan is a founding member at Curai where she works on AI-driven disruptive solutions to healthcare. Anitha has more than 15 years of research experience in machine learning. Prior to Curai, she has held senior research positions at Facebook AI research and at Microsoft research where she focused on research in AI, specifically on advancing deep learning and probabilistic graphical models.  Anitha’s research has impacted multiple research areas including computer vision, language understanding, and computational education. She has extensively published in top-tier conferences and holds several patents. Her research also influenced products at Microsoft and FB, for which she has received many technical awards.

My Sessions

Scaling the best healthcare to everyone, with AI

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We are in the brink of a revolution in healthcare.  A significant driving force is the recent advancements in Artificial intelligence, especially at the intersection of deep-learning and healthcare. We envision a healthcare system with AI-in-the-loop that is poised to redefine and elevate the role of our doctors – empowering them to deliver the optimal […]