Tenni Theurer

Senior Director, Yahoo

As an innovator & operational executive across consumer and technology domains at Yahoo, Visa and IBM, Tenni’s experience spans 17 years leading product and engineering teams delivering new strategies, features and services. She is currently Sr Director of Product Management where she oversees Yahoo.com and Yahoo News’ product portfolio at Oath. Prior to Yahoo, she was Sr Business Leader for Visa’s consumer digital wallet and mobile services. At IBM, Tenni worked in the Pervasive Computing group developing enterprise mobile solutions for B2B customers in US and Europe. She holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of California, San Diego.

Intersection of Product Management and Engineering.

Intersection of Product Management and Engineering

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Intersection of Product Management and Engineering put together by Women in Product Organization. In this panel discussion, we will talk about: Career Transition – How difficult or easy it is to transition from Product Management to Engineering or vice versa Collaboration – How important it is to work together to deliver a quality product Challenges […]