Tammy Steele

work-life balance coach and instructor

Tammy Steele is a dynamic work-life balance coach and instructor. She helps passionate, creative, resourceful leaders (even the tired, overwhelmed ones) to develop their own definition of success and to design plans that are specific to their needs and aspirations. She brings a deep understanding of the challenges leaders face today as they strive for excellence at work while they also try to maintain health and happiness in their personal lives.

Tammy combines 10-years of experience in the fast-paced world of technology as a software engineer and her role as wife and mom of three boys plus her studied understanding of interpersonal relationships and healthy life practices to help her clients achieve that elusive work-life equilibrium.

She is a Professional Certified Coach (ICF), a Life/Career/Executive Certified Coach and Instructor at Goal Imagery® Institute. She is also a Chopra Center Certified Instructor of Ayurvedic Lifestyle and has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. As founder, presenter, trainer, and healer at Fully Present Living, Tammy creates custom private and group “have your all” coaching plans as well as enthusiastically delivers life enriching courses on business and personal communication, emotional eating, and Ayurvedic lifestyle; which includes meditation, yoga, and nutritio

Saying NO ain't bad

Have you have ever said yes to something and then wondered “Why the heck did I say yes?” Or maybe you have said yes when you knew you didn’t have time without personal sacrifice or just said yes to something but gritted your teeth in resentment. Do you say ‘yes’ because you think you “have to” for your work success? Do you sometimes say yes out of guilt or obligation? Whenever a ‘yes’ is given in these ways, an energy drain is created, and depletion will follow. In this workshop you will learn how to turn ‘No.’ into a complete sentence that is powerful, compassionate, and energizing. Outcomes Participants will discover six depleting reasons we say yes and how to turn those into powerful nos without risking career or family happiness. Participants will uncover the power behind the no and the space it creates for choosing the best times to say yes. Participants will learn new connective language that will change “have tos” into “choose tos” Participants will leave knowing how to use what they learn in all aspects of their lives.