Suja Viswesan

Director of Engineering, Big Data Platform, LinkedIn.

Leads engineering teams that are responsible for the Big Data Platform at LinkedIn. Her  Org is responsible for the Big Data ecosystem ecosystem that includes Data Management, Core Hadoop, Spark, Workflow management, etc. This platform is leveraged by LinkedIn to make key business decisions. This platform also powers products like ‘People You May Know’, Feed relevance to name a few. Some of the open source contributions from the team include,GobblinAzkabanDr.Elephant, Hadoop gradle plugin. Prior to joining LinkedIn, Suja led BigInsights Hadoop team, Database teams at IBM. Suja holds an MS in computer Engineering. Suja is very passionate about Women in tech, coaching/mentoring and has participated in various panels/talks at Women In Big Data, DataWorks summit, Girls Who Code, LeanIn, Girls Scout and Universities. 

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