Betty Junod

Vice President of Marketing , Solo.io

Betty Junod is the Vice President of Marketing at Solo.io, that helps enterprises adopt cloud native technologies while extending their existing investments with modern API Management, Service Mesh Orchestration, Application Health and Debugging. Betty has decades of experience in across a variety of marketing leadership roles in technology companies including VMware and Docker, holds advisory and mentor roles at early to mid stage start ups and mentor sat Backstage Capital. She believes that go-to-market strategies are more art than science and that excellence in execution is sometimes the only “secret sauce.” She can be found tweeting about tech, food and SF (along with selfies) @bettyjunod

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The Nuts and Bolts of IoT Rollouts: How Your Knowledge and Decisions Will Make or Break Your Business

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Career: Is Talent the Only Key to Become Successful?

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When looking at the average career spanning decades, is a singular talent the main driver for that success? The reality is no. There’s a saying that while talent is universal, opportunity is not and when looking inside a company, that “opportunity” could seem abundant or non-existent depending on the politics and structure of the organization. […]